31/05/20: hey! decided to make a whole page about karaoke.
05/11/19: wow, it's been a while. wrote some more zine reviews.
26/05/19: #shareyourconfusion, guys & girls.
27/03/19: started adding my one-paragraph zine reviews to reviews.
17/02/19: made a quiz so now you can find out which friends secondary character are you?
20/01/19: made a button! it flashes and everything. find it on the about page.
24/12/18: updated links page with more neocities websites we follow.
27/10/18: added the cultural revolution game to misc.
21/10/18: made a photos page.
15/10/18: added talita's reasons why i like crispin glover to lists.
14/10/18: made a links page.
01/08/18: added our wild at heart & buttoned-up halls of fame to lists.
01/08/18: added talita's musings on hipster bait to misc.
23/07/18: made an about page finally!
21/07/18: added jack's freestyle to misc.
03/06/18: added jack's recaps of kuwtk episodes to misc.