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Okay guys...This is going to sound crazy but...Amy isn’t dead. I met her.

Okay so you’re going to think I’m completely crazy for writing this and I really don’t care if I get banned (No offence but I’m not even that big a fan anyway - hopefully this will get you to believe me more, because I have nothing at steak, but I’m beyond caring if people believe me or not) but I knew that if I went to a paper or on social media they would just think I’m crazy and so I thought - what about her fan forum? maybe someone is crazy enough on here to believe me lol...

But this isn’t a joke or fanfiction or anything like that...All I’m saying is if you can get to Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, or if you know someone there, you can go and see for yourself. Obviously, do it with respect. But you lot are respectful right? You treat Amy as you’d wish to be treated...

First off I just want to say that she wasn’t that happy about meeting an English person... I had the feeling that she went that far away for a reason. She was really paranoid about phones and stuff and I couldn’t get any pictures with her. She had these two BIG guys around her at all times and they weren’t taking any nonsense let’s just say that...You won’t believe how many of my friends think I’m a crazy person now lol like one of those people who believes Elvis is still alive or Tupac. Just to say that I’m 28 years old, female, and I work in technology and live in London and I am NOT desperate for money and I had NO idea that I was going to be meeting Amy Winehouse when I travelled to Brazil...

So I guess I should just put this all out there as much as I remember and then you guys can do with it what you wish... I’m not even sure I should be telling you because it might ruin the whole thing for her but I just had to tell someone because otherwise I felt like the whole world was gaslighting me and I would just go crazy! Only the guy who introduced us told me not to tell anyone but then he stopped talking to me so I guess he’s already made his bed and can lie in it. I trust you guys to do the right thing... You are her fans after all. And you still are even ten years after her death, so I think you deserve to know the truth...

Amy Winehouse isn’t dead. She’s alive and well living in a place called Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. How do I know this? I met her on Friday 14 February, 2020. How did I meet her? I will explain that now, in as much detail as I can remember:

I went to Brazil with some friends from Uni. We went to Salvador, a countryside spa, and then Rio. My friends went back a bit before me and I decided to stay on a couple extra days in Rio. It was a spontaneous decision but not a crazy one. There was plenty more to do and I feel like I was just a little more comfortable in Rio than my friends. They were always worried about their safety and stuff and would barely leave there Air BnB. Whereas I liked walking around and never felt threatened or unsafe. I guess as well the fact that I spoke a bit of Spanish made it easier for me... But for whatever reason, I ended up with a couple of days to explore the city on my own before flying back to look for a new job..

One of those days I went on a food tasting tour of the city. It’s called Rio4Food and you can even look up it’s website to see that it’s legit: www.rio4food.com The guy on the website, the tour-guide, is an English guy called Jack Parker. He basically took us all around the city. Me, a couple from Scandinavia, and some Canadians. As we went around we drank quite a few caipirinhas (the local cocktail made from rum and sugar and lime - delicious but deadly!) and it became clear to me that the tour was going to extend from a food tasting tour into a bit of a bar tour...I was cool with that and as we drank more the crowd thinned out until it was just me and Jack...

He was drunker than me and we were back at his place which was also a small bed & breakfast run by his friend... We drank and chatted and it seemed like he was flirting with me a bit but he seemed almost too drunk to keep his eyes open!... Has he told you about Amy Winehouse yet? His friend said while mixing us some more drinks. No, I replied... Like I said, I wasn’t really interested in Amy Winehouse... I knew the songs but, what was this? I mean, no offence guys but, Who talks about Amy Winehouse in 2020? Amy Winehouse lives up the road, he said, just about keeping his head propped up with his hands. He showed me a few blurry photos he’d taken of some tiny girl with dark hair, sunglasses and tattoos. That could be anyone! I said...but he swore and even after I tried to laugh it off he kept insisting it was Amy Winehouse so eventually we were walking up a deserted street in the middle of the night trying to spot a dead woman...and I will say this, I know this just sounds like we got pissed and I'm imagining things but despite being half-Chinese and 5foot4 I’m one of those people who can drink a lot and remember EVERYTHING! Really!

So we marched to where he always saw her. A little apartment off one of the winding streets of Santa Teresa, his neighbourhood... Nothing happened. It was late, I must admit. And he just stood there with his head dangling down like he’d fallen asleep and he just kept saying, five minutes longer, then we’re going back, then that became, we’re gonna get robbed, we’re gonna get robbed... over and over. I said, fuck this and shouted AMY! AMY! And sure enough, a little dark head popped out of a window and said in the thickest Camdenese, What the fuck are you playing at!? She rushed down to confront us. She seemed ready to fight. Two big men appeared behind her. Who are you? Who are you with? Did my dad send you?... All these questions came racing out of her mouth at a million miles per hour... I tried to explain that we were only two people drunk and curious... She kept looking behind us... She is tiny! I thought I was small but for the first time in my life I was actually looking down at someone... Anyway after some cooling down she said something like, you might as well fucking come in then. And we went in and sat down in her kitchen. It was a nice simple two-floor apartment with a roof balcony. Everything decked out in white and orange, like a Spanish villa. Tasteful, with some pictures of jazz singers and her family stuck up on the walls, a guitar near her futon sofa, a massive TV in one corner, and some cats wondering...

She asked us how we found out, how many people knew... Jack lied and said I was the first person he’d told. He showed her the photos he took and she asked him to delete them and even gave him some money... She looked really good, a few grey hairs and much less makeup. I would be hard pressed to believe her if she would’ve come up to me, but the tattoos, the voice, the eyes, it really was her, or the best ever impersonator that’s ever existed. But no, I’m sure it was her. I’ve no doubt... I kept saying how I couldn’t believe it was her (I get quite confident and chatty when I’m drunk) and she just kept laughing and saying, it’d be a lot fucking easier if you thought I wasn’t me...Can’t you just think I’m some mad catlady who thinks she’s Amy Winehouse? And then she’d laugh some more... She just drank coke but offered us beers... It got a bit embarrassing when she asked me what my favourite song was and how long I’d been a fan because I really only knew Rehab and another one that I couldn’t even name... She said that was better... She didn’t want any mad people chasing her (word of warning!) and that she was retired from music now...

I wish I could remember more but that was pretty much it... We chatted a bit more... She asked me things about England and Brexit and London... Who my favourite singer was now (I said Dua Lipa and she said “Who? Sounds like a dirty sex position or something.” and laughed)... And then we said goodbye... She apologised that we couldn’t get a photo but I said it was okay... Jack fell asleep for most of it and she even offered to get us a taxi back, but I said we’d walk...

That’s it guys! I’m really sorry I can’t remember more and I’m not the best storyteller.

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Tears Dry On Their Own

Mr. Jones, is this you playing a prank on all of us?

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Mr. Jones

You think I’m that good at writing? Please, I wish!

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Tears Dry On Their Own

Could this be for real? We need someone to corroborate. Anyone got any contacts in Brazil? lol didn’t she stay in Santa Teresa during her last tour? Rings a bell. Calling all Brazilian Amy fans.

Mr. Jones Posted on: 10-03-2020 16:40 PM

Mr. Jones

Yeh in 2011 for her ‘comeback tour.’ Would make sense as it’s a place she always liked and was even considering moving to I think. Maybe she got put in witness protection program?!

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This is serious?! I’m confused ?!?!?!?!

Tears Dry On Their Own Posted on: 21-03-2020 07:01 AM

Tears Dry On Their Own

I talked to someone from the Brazilian forum. It’s legit. I can’t believe it. Apparently she’s starting to get a bit freaked out though and may have even checked this forum so, as a moderator. I think I’m gonna have to lock and delete this thread. Anyone who wants to save this for posterity, do so now. Adios Amigos, Amy Lives!